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Knowledge Of The Self – Epistemology Phil’s Day Off

My initial question : Does self knowledge come from inside or out?

For my Phil’s day off I decided to have an experiment to see what information I could gather about self-knowledge coming from the inside or the outside.

I gathered some of my friends as test subjects, and split them into two groups of two. In the first group, group A, I had a few of their friends tell them a simple characteristic about themselves, whether it was positive or negative wasn’t in the instruction. Now, in the second pair, group B, I didn’t have anyone come and talk to them before hand. After this, those in both groups were asked to describe themselves in a few characteristics. The participants in group A generally had more positive things to say about themselves, as for the most part their friends said positive things to them. The participants in group B had less positive things to say about themselves.

Whether this was due to the external information they were given by their friends in the form of characteristics, or if it has no bearing at all is still hard to determine as the control group in this test was very small and can’t really give an accurate answer. But I personally think from the answers that were given that knowledge of the self can be impacted by external forces as well as internal.




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