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phils day off

Phil’s day off

My main question is “if beauty is subjective” so I started researching about this by looking at people’s definition of beauty.

We all had the experience that we found something or someone beautiful and which when we shared it with our friends or family, they found that certain thing not beautiful or rather ugly.

For my Phil’s day off I went to Victoria with my family. We went to Butchart garden and my grandparents found it pretty amazing and special but me and my little sister didn’t think it’s a big deal or something very special. After the park, we went to the parliament building which was fantastic in my idea I enjoy looking at it a lot and also the sea view was pretty nice my grandparents enjoyed it too but they said that Butchart garden was fascinating and how they want to come back and visit the garden each season.

On our way back to Vancouver while I was looking at the sea, I was thinking about our trip and how each of us enjoyed a different place and how different people have different definitions of beauty. Seeing how different people enjoyed different things.

3 take away:

  • Beauty is pretty subjective and it can be different from a person to another person.
  • People enjoy different things depending on their idea of beauty.
  • Victoria is really beautiful.





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