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Epistemology – Phil’s Day off, Colin Evans

Phil’s Day off

For my Phil’s day off my brother challenged me to a “Knowledge Test”. He believed that just because I’ve had my N licence for a year, it doesn’t mean I’m more knowledgeable than him in driving. So the competitive side in me kicked in and we both downloaded the ICBC L test app and set out to start. He was so confident that just because he knows how much horse power a Lamborghini has, he must be knowledgeable about the rules of the road. So we started the test and he finished in around a minute or so, and had a big smirk on his face. I finished the test nice and calm at a time of 2:10 seconds. Then we both clicked to view our scores… My brother got 84%, only 4% over a passing grade and I got 100%.

From this it was evident that knowledge does indeed come from experience and just because you read the facts, doesn’t mean you are knowledgeable.


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