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Metaphysics – Discussion, Colin Evans


The overall topic of discussion revolved around Free Will vs Determinism.

Colin – My initial question was weather we are in control of our own decisions or not. Me and Aaron came to the conclusion that we have a very limited control over our decisions and that there are too many variables in the process of making decisions that its nearly impossible to do so with only your mind.

Jackson – Jackson brought up the concept of selective perception asking whether we screen out things we don’t agree with, in turn shaping our decisions. We both firmly agreed with this statement as it linked to Will’s idea of it being impossible for humans to be objective. When we have an initial opinion it is sometimes hard to change our minds because we are human, and we are 100% subjective in all of our decisions to a degree.

 Courtney – Courtney asked the question, do our surroundings control the decisions we make? and we both decided that yes, our surroundings greatly control all of our decisions. Whether its the atmosphere, environment/visuals, the people around us, they all have some kind of influence. In high school especially kids tend to make decisions based on what other people would view as cool or funny, even though they know its not the right thing to do. Or if you’re in a bad mood or atmosphere and you might say or do something you never would think to do. Emotions are the biggest and most influential variable of them all and they can easily be changed and controlled by almost anything.

Aaron – Does god control our decisions? Aaron introduced the religious debate about this topic that I had never thought of. Although as neither of us are religious there wasn’t much of a debate.

It was clear by the end of our discussion day that my opinion wasn’t swayed at all, and that I still believed that other variables had the majority of control over the decisions we make.


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