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Metaphysics – Phil’s Day off, Colin Evans

Phil’s Day off

For my Phils day off I struggled to think of an idea where I prove that you can’t make your own decisions so I just talked a variety of different people at home about the topic

Dad – My dad believed it was a useless debate because you learn nothing from it realistically. He strongly dislikes Philosophy so it was pretty subjective conversation.

Mom – She said she believes that we have little control when making decisions due to too many variables and things influencing it. This is exactly how I think of the topic which I don’t think is a coincidence considering she’s my mom.

Sister – My sister being the rebel child she Is, believes that we have the ability to have full control over our decisions. She says that if you try hard enough you can make decisions objectively.

From this Active Learning I got that this is a more complex question and that there isn’t one set answer to it. I was wring to believe that the majority believed the same as me.



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