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Aesthetic Experience – Nick

For my aesthetic experience I decided to use boxing as a medium to experience both positive and negative experiences and then discuss my feelings towards them.

A postitive aesthetic experience is one that doesn’t require change at the time, a state of joy, free from negativity. Usually a person feels complete control in the situation but not always. A positive aesthetic experience can still happen with a lack of control.

A negative aesthetic experience is one full of anxiety, and unknowing. What can cause a negative aesthetic experience is fear and lack of control of the situation that causes the negative feelings. A negative aesthetic experience can be positive for the person at a later time or for another who isn’t related to the situation at all, the key is distance from these negative feelings.

For me boxing is definitely both a positive and negative experience, and it can easily change in an instant. Whenever I have a fight, beforehand can be a mix of negative and positive emotions, from feeling anxious and afraid, to being at ease and relaxed, but the key is to aim to be in the latter of emotions. When I step into the ring, I have a fair bit of confidence as a boxer, the experience is positive one, albeit being addled with nerves doesn’t help much.

However when the situation turns into a negative one, in the case that I start to lose the fight that is, I would become angered, in the fear and frustration of failure and humiliation. But this then thereof lack of confidence can cause me to perform even more poorly, and with mere seconds to pull yourself out of a slump without any help from anyone but yourself and to win the fight, is why your mind must be as well trained as your body.

My goal was to reflect on past fights as a way to experience both positive and negative experiences, I was successful in this and can takeaway that a positive attitude towards these types of situations can be the deciding factor in whether or not the experience is positive or negative for you.



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