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How Do We Know What We Know? – Discussion Post

I used the class example to discuss. But to admit, I was not very engaged in this discussion. However, here are the answers of a few friends during the discussion.

“You know what you know when you can confidently explain what you know with reason and to know that which theories of an idea is right and wrong.” – Aaron Sinclaire

From this, I think that Aaron’s point is that you know that you know something when you can explain it / prove your answer. An example of this would be, If you dropped a phone from 5 feet in the air it would crack. You explain in detail why it would crack, and you prove your answer by dropping the phone on the ground and letting it crack (don’t actually do this). But the truth is that, there is always the chance of it not cracking and therefore the theory of it cracking at 5 feet in the air is not valid anymore. There are always new theories / research in any topic imaginable, and always new studies trying to prove something. To explain on another side note, there are limitations as well as to what the limitations are to what we can know. The limitations of what we can know is time, as during the present time there are always going to be things that we don’t know. To solve questions, we have to gain more knowledge and research needs to be done which takes time. There is as well the idea of a cognitive limit, which means that the brain is finite and can’t know everything.


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