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Is Killing Someone The Right Thing To Do? – Phils Day Off

For our Metaphysics unit, the question that stuck with me throughout the unit was, Is there a possibility of an action always being right or wrong?

I went to work and asked the workers this: “Is killing someone EVER the right thing to do?” Here are the responses:

“I think that, if someone was a murderer or someone bad, killing them is probably the right thing to do.” – Brian Lau

“You never take someone elses life.” – Allen Yeh

“Depends on the person” – Alex Yeh

I added these questions to my initial question and asked the person I thought who was the most wise out of everyone there. Ben Leung, the owner. His response:

“I agree with Allen that you never take someone else’s life, but Brian has a point too. If you didn’t follow that idea of not taking someone else’s life, you SHOULD be punished. But the fact is that, how bad someone have to be to deserve to be killed? And I think that’s what is good but also bad about courts about killings. To put someone in a jail, it doesn’t matter where they are but if they are serving like a life-time sentence it doesn’t matter to them whether or not they should kill another person there. But the problem about this too is that killing a murderer is basically having revenge.

I felt very knowledgeable after having my talk with Ben, and that is the new question that has risen from my initial question. Is killing someone for revenge the right thing to do?


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