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When Is Something Always Right Or Wrong? – Discussion Post

Is this even possible?

The “best” three conversations I had related to this question was with Aaron, Colin, and Courtney.

My first conversation was with Aaron. He answered:

“If you specify an exact action then yes I think it can be always considered a good thing or a bad thing.”

He explained that if you literally do something of a pure and exact action, then it could be considered good. His example was that, it is always a good thing to give money to the less fortunate. However, I disagreed with this. This becomes confusing here, but my views on this is that, yes it is good to help out others. But there is a point in which it is too much. According to research in history and other human research, always giving can result in a negative outcome. When you give too much, a person or a country begins to expect it and reply on you giving. It helps in the short term, but for the most part is simply putting them in a worse off position as there is no motivation for them to gain anything on their own.

My next conversation was with Colin. Here was his response:

“There are so many different groups of people in this world, and they own have their own beliefs. So this isn’t really possible.”

I agreed with this. He came up with his answer with his own knowledge/ideology that, there are several religions who have their own beliefs. They have their own way of thought / life and it results in thinking differently of an action. An example of this would be, most people say to always finish your food. However, in Chinese culture there is a belief that it is rude to finish all of your food on a plate if a host is serving you. It shows that they did not give you enough and that you are not satisfied. This is only one action, and there are countless things that anyone or anything can do, and there is no way everyone would have the same culture.

My final conversation was with Courtney.

“It comes down to the individual and their own beliefs or opinions about that thing.”

Her response helped me understand a lot more, but for different reasons. Her answer was pretty similar to Colin’s, but rather than culture it is the individual themselves. No one is the same and that’s why there can’t ever be something that is always right or wrong. Whether or not there are 1000 answers to a question or 2, you can’t have everyone thinking alike. Especially since thinking alike would become boring.


After my discussions, My own answer has gained more defending and validity in which, No there can never be something that is always objectively good or bad. There are billions of people alive today, and to look at a specific action there are thousands/millions of variables to take into consideration, and to think at something at all aspects there is no chance of everyone to agree, or disagree.




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