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Aesthetic Experience – Colin Evans

What did I plan to do?

This past weekend I planned to set out on an adventure into the wilderness with a few of my friends at a cabin with no heat, running water, or even a front door… To put it lightly, I’d have to say this was the most run down cabin I’ve stayed in. We planned on hanging out, heading out to the river and lake to swim, and sleeping over in the rustic beds. Then we planned on waking up early to head home the next day for the long drive ahead of us.

What were my initial thoughts?

From what I had heard from some initially, they said the cabin would be “so lit”. Although the other 80% of people I talked to said it was going to be terrible… I was not excited AT ALL. I hate being cold, I enjoy having running water, and I enjoy a good nights sleep. Although from what id been collecting over the prior few days to the trip, it was going to be everything but that. Not to mention the 2 hour journey in the 97 wrangler with a top speed of 140km/hr; it wasn’t set out to be the most enjoyable ride.

What actually happened?

I packed up the Jeep and picked up my friend and we set out to start our journey to the ancient cabin in the middle of nowhere. I topped up the fuel and once we were on our way I realized after a while that we sucked up $30 in gas already… Not the greatest vehicle choice, and not the greatest thing to start off the weekend. Although as we arrived at the crappy cabin and pulled into the dirt driveway, we saw all our friends huddled inside having a good time. After a while of being there my opinion on the cabin had changed in a way. The fact that it was a crappy cabin had not changed, but because of that we made the best of the trip, and all the negative aspects of the cabin turned out to be the positives. From this aesthetic experience I learnt that even something that isn’t pleasing can still turn out to be something so much more pleasing than you can imagine if you just tweak your perception. Perception is everything and if you can have a positive attitude about something crappy, it will almost every time turn out to be a good experience.


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