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Metaphysics Discussion – Aaron

My metaphysics question is do aliens exist and what would they be like if so?

Each discussion I had was quite fun because I got to hear everyone’s ideal alien and some of the answers were on the interesting side.

A discussion that I had with Dom about his metaphysics topic related to mine. The relation was that people become who they are because of they way they were raised and the things that surround them throughout their life. It relates to my question because extraterrestrial beings will become a product of their environment just like us. This means that if their environment is similar to ours, they will have similarities to humans, but if the habitat they live in is drastically different they will not at all be the same as us.

Another conversation I had was with Colin and he explained that aliens may be way more advanced then us already. They may know of our existence entirely and simply do not want to interact because humans seem like a simple waste of time. A hard pill to swallow for those of us who are over here on earth being proud of what we have accomplished. But in all fairness at the time this blog post is being created Donald Trump is almost the president of the United States, so I can understand where these potential aliens are coming from.

The last discussion I would like to talk about here was with Shem and she brought up that the information we see in documentaries, websites, and videos could be fake. As an average person I do not know which “UFO Sightings” are real or fake because to be honest they all seem pretty legit until broken down by some sort of expert. This discussion put me a few steps backwards with my topic but none the less helped me to further my journey in finding an answer.

In conclusion, each discussion I had and will have about this topic will most likely never result in a solid answer but it is still fun to talk about it and use imagination as a tool.



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