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Metaphysics Phils Day off – Aaron

My question for metaphysics was do extraterrestrial beings exist and what would they be like?

For my Phils day off my rocket ship was in the repair shop so I could not get a hands on experience. I was forced to go to the next best thing which was watching videos. I went from documentaries on television all the way to Youtube. There was not a video which answered my question but the more I watched the more my question expanded with possibilities in space.

This video was the main driver for the expansion of my question and imagination.

After watching it my belief that aliens could exist got much stronger. It shows how big the universe really is.

In conclusion, phils day off for me was fun at times but also boring. Also it was educational because I learned a lot about outer space and what it takes to sustain life including cells and organisms. Would I do it again? chances are I would not because I spent way too much time going through videos and it resulted in my becoming a zombie until I caught up on my sleep.


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