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Metaphysics Reading – Aaron

My question for the metaphysics unit is do extraterrestrial beings exist, and what would they be like?

Finding solid information to answer my question is literally impossible at the moment for obvious reasons, however, there are various articles and websites that give ideas for the possibility of extraterrestrial existence.

The first thing that goes into aliens being real or not is whether the planet in question can sustain life. In order for a planet to be able to sustain life it needs to meet a certain criteria.

  • “They’re a comfortable distance away from a star similar to our sun.

  • They’re made of rock. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus in our solar system are made of gases, so we don’t expect life to be able to survive there.

  • They’re big enough to have a molten core.

  • They are good candidates for having a protective atmosphere”

After reading this it brought me to the question of how many of these planets exist if any.

“chances are we’re not alone. Astrobiologists estimate that the Milky Way has 500 habitable planets.”

With just the Milky Way alone having an approximate five hundred habitable planets it makes me lean to the side of, yes aliens do exist, but I am definitely not fully convinced.

Now that the main question is answered as best as it can be I can imagine what the life would be like and how similar extraterrestrial beings would be compared to humans. Looking at our very own earth I know that there are continents with a large amount of humans living in them. When comparing two continents, like Asia and North America, there are differences in the people and the way they live life. This has to do with the way they grew up and the environment. If I apply that knowledge to a planet that has life living on it, I begin to realize that the chances of aliens being similar to humans is indeed possible but very unlikely. If the environment is the exact same as the one we live in, the chances of similarities appearing are more common, but the more different the environment the more different the organism.

In conclusion, the possibility of aliens existing is stronger than them not existing. But for the part of what they would actually be like is in complete question and open to imagination. For all we know there could be a planet out there with dinosaurs who speak a language similar to Chinese and drive hover cars. Overall the question will never be answered until the extraterrestrials pay a visit to earth or we create the technology to go visit them.


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