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Aesthetic Experience

What did I do? I do hikes most weekend with friends and my dog and we usually go to different places around Vancouver so I decided to go and do the Dias Vistas hike at Buntzen Lake with one of my friends and our dogs. This was what I was going to do for my experience because I find that going outdoors and just taking in the beauty of nature to be one of the things I like to spend my time doing on the weekends. We planned on waking up bright and early to get an early start on our hike.

Initial Thoughts? Since I had already done this hike numerous times before, I didn’t really have to worry about getting lost or not knowing which trail to go on so I could actually enjoy the beauty of nature. I was really excited to just hang out and explore the trails becuase I think that since I was just taking everything in, I could enjoy everything more.

Outcome: Although dias vistas is a really hard trail to actually hike and sort of takes all day ( if your dog is as lazy as mine and needs to take breaks every. 5. seconds..) It was really fun and I feel like I enjoyed it more becuase I wasn’t on my phone or focusing on any electronics or stressing about school, I found that I appreciated the beauty of the outdoors much more than if I had a million things on my mind. I think that even though I had done this specific hike multiple times, this was the first time I had really submerged myself into the world and overall this was a great aesthetic experience!


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