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Aesthetics Phil’s Day Off

For my Phil’s I got lost in the woods.
To me, an aesthetic experience is anything you consciously feel or experience. Sleeping is not an aesthetic experience for example, but the feeling of comfort and rest in the morning is.
So on the weekend, I went for a walk with my girlfriend in the forest. The trail we took led to a waterfall, and it was great. I could probably use this as my experience but I’d rather talk about the experience of getting lost. On the way back from the falls we began noticing landmarks on the trail that we had not noticed on our walk previously. The doubt was slowly seeded very early on when we noticed bends in the path that we could not recall, and streams that we didn’t notice before. The point that we really figured something was up was when we walked across a train track.  Unfortunately, our situation would not be fixed by turning back as we can already taken a multitude of turns on our path.
It took us forty minutes to get back on track, which could have been worse but the experience was interesting nevertheless. The curve of doubt to fear to relief is very strange. I faked confidence and used humor to defuse the situation of any gravity and attempted to recourse us while hardcore bs’ing. Anyway, we clearly didn’t die and a lesson of keeping track of your location when in a forest was learned.
So in conclusion, it was a negative experience but some good came out of it.


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