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Aesthetic Experience- Erin Mullen

What did I plan on doing for my aesthetic experience?

For my aesthetic experience, I planned on going on a day hike around Buntzen lake with my friend. We planned on taking our dogs on the hike with us and being done in around 4 hours.

What were my initial thoughts?

My initial thoughts were that we would head to the lake at around 10am and begin hiking at 10:15. I thought it would be a simple hike with the dogs following our steps right beside us and the sun peaking through the trees. While hiking I thought that we would eventually reach a look-out type of point where we would be able to take a break and take aesthetically pleasing pictures and enjoy the beautiful views/surroundings.

What Happened?

Both my friend and I slept in a little late so we met at the lake around 11am and began our hike at 11:15am. The weather was not as expected and the sun began to hide behind the clouds leaving an ugly grey sky. The dogs ended up making our trip take 6 hours rather than 4 and by the time we had reached the look-out we were tired and sore. Once we reached the lookout point it made our entire hike worth while and looking over the water made for a aesthetically pleasing experience.


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