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Final – Erin Mullen

At the beginning of this unit we were asked to finish the sentence “knowledge is…” and what I came up with is that knowledge is power. During my studies I learned that there is an extra step in between knowledge and power which is option where I came up with the formula of knowledge = option = power. When we have acquired knowledge, it opens more doors and opportunities therefor giving us more options which will finally lead to power.

I read an article by Uncommon Sense called ‘Knowledge is Power’  regarding my initial topic. The main supporting idea behind this article was that Knowledge = Options = Power.

“When we educate ourselves, we learn new things that we were previously unaware of. This gives us the ability to make better decisions, come up with more evolved and intelligent thoughts, improve the lives of ourselves and those around us, and thus makes us more valuable people overall.”

…he then goes on to say “This, in turn, leads to more options. The more valuable of a person you are, the more people will want to be around you, the more they will want to work with you” which will open more doors and lead to greater opportunities in your life; thus giving you power over those who are less knowledgeable.

This article really helped me gain better understanding of how powerful knowledge really is and that is a huge asset that is necessary in your life. When I first came up with my initial topic I did not think of options in between knowledge and the power but now I know that it is the stepping stone in between.The high level of options in life gives you the freedom to chose from many different paths. That freedom is power and that is why knowledge is so important.

The readings are what helped me the most throughout this unit. I was able to find information easily which gave me a better understanding of my topic. However, when it came to class discussions they didn’t really help me get a better understanding of my own topic, only others topics.

During my discussion I talked to Courtney who’s topic was ‘Knowledge is Endless’ we discussed if knowledge is endless, how do we measure it. We talked about how school is based on measuring everyones individual knowledge level and how it’s not fair to test people on things which don’t apply to them.We then began to wonder: Is knowledge then something which has to be measured by a formal education? Or can you be knowledgeable only by experiences? …or can it be measured at all?

After reading the article I talked about above, I strongly agreed with most of their points in that knowledge = option = power. However, after speaking with Courtney I began to think that knowledge may be power BUT there is no way to truly measure it & everyones idea of ‘power’ can be viewed differently.

Another thing that I found very helpful this unit was my Phil’s day off. When I related my topic to real life situations it helped support my topic and was also very informative.Over the weekend I spent most of my time at work so I asked a handful of co-workers to help me with my Phil’s day off. First, I asked them their job title (bartender, shift-manager, supervisor, general manager etc.), then I asked them the highest level of education they had completed. Majority of those who had a higher job title such as a supervisor had at least a college diploma. This is what gave them the option of a more powerful job. Secondly, I got the same group to all play luminosity (a brain training game) where they all got the same results.

I realized that yes, a higher education level and ‘more knowledge’ can give you more options and power even though a high school student is just as knowledgeable. I would still like to know if there are people who are of high power with no college education.

Conclusion: To gain power you must first be given the option which can only be obtained through knowledge. Although we may have the same level of knowledge, the one with a higher education level has earned more power.


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