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Metaphysics Discussions

INITIAL QUESTION: Should age be determined by maturity rather than the number of years someone has been alive?

Discussion 1: I talked with Natalie, Shem, Erin and Alysha about whether an individual would have a better life doing a job they absolutely loved but making very little money, or working a job they despise but being rich. It didn’t relate much to my topic, but while we were on the subject of doing what we loved, it made me realize that I should stick with pursuing my original question for metaphysics instead of trying to come up with a new one, because I was genuinely interested in my initial question. I realized that the whole Metaphysics unit would be  more appealing if I investigated a topic that was actually intriguing to me.

Discussion 2: During my talk with Kyle, Brian, Liam, Natalie and Tali, we discussed Kyle’s question- “Can time pass without change?” This was a conversation that was a little more useful for me in regards to my question. I related it to my question a lot because if time can pass with no change, then a person can age without maturing at all. However, we as a group determined that time cannot pass without change, so it really made me want to investigate the other side of my argument. Although I did look at the contrasting perspective of my topic, I ultimately decided that every person’s maturity will definitely grow at least a little bit throughout their life, but there are some people whose living situations will force them to grow up much faster than others’.


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