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My (David’s) Aesthetic Experience over the Weekend

What I did for my Aesthetic Experience:
So for my aesthetic experience, I went to an annual conference that I was apart of organizing. The conference itself was about gang violence, specifically how it impacts youth and our society as a whole.  I didn’t conscientiously try to enjoy myself but I kind of knew I was going to. I was looking forward to the conference for about two months and I was pumped to see all the work pay of (hopefully).

My Initial Thoughts:
Because of the fact that I had gone to the previous year’s conference and had enjoyed it very much, and because this time I was part of the organizing team and was looking forward to see how it would turn out, I was pretty excited and at the same time nervous. I knew I would enjoy the conference because of past experiences but the whole “Youth Leader” title also was a new thing for me. With all that said, I thought that I would enjoy myself.

Well it was an awesome conference. About 40+ youth attended (which was less than we wanted it to be, but it was still good) and the conference itself went smoothly and calmly with no complications. I, as expected by myself, enjoyed it thoroughly and was a very happy lad. Getting to meet friends that I hadn’t seen for quite a while, meeting new people and gaining knew friendships, and just having a great time made that weekend—an incredible aesthetic experience.


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