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Aesthetic Day Off – Sydney

After reading a bunch of different works by different people, I found myself picking pieces from different perspectives that I thought makes sense to have while experiencing an aesthetic event. One of the components is that during the experience, I am focussed on the activity itself and the feelings that I receive from the event, whether they are positive or negative feelings. Concentration on the activity leads to the second component of an aesthetic experience: having momentary release from concerns of past or present. This component has been especially important to me lately because of how everything from school has been piling up and creating more stress. As a result, this component is pretty important part of having an aesthetic experience. Through a combination of these two components, I would find success when I find I’m enjoying myself, not necessarily “winning” at whatever activity I’m doing.

For my aesthetic experience, I chose to do two main things: play guitar and watch “Scandal.” My goal was to just enjoy myself and not worry about anything else. I wanted to focus on the activity, not if I was any good at it (In regards to playing guitar, that is. I know I’m extremely talented at watching “Scandal”). But when we’re talking about watching “Scandal,” similar to when I was playing guitar, I just wanted to enjoy myself – not be watching the episode and halfway through thinking, “Oh no, do I have any biology homework?” Fortunately, I was able to reach these outcomes; I successfully enjoyed myself when I played guitar and watched “Scandal.”

Despite my success, there are some things that I would do differently next time around. Firstly, as I found it helped in the epistemology unit, I would definitely want to go out on my aesthetic experience with more intention and purpose. I might have set out more specific, designated times for me to play guitar or watch “Scandal.” As well, I might want to do an even more aesthetically-pleasing event – such as going somewhere to watch a sunset or something. Because playing guitar and watching “Scandal” are things I do somewhat regularly, I feel like I didn’t appreciate these aesthetics to their full ability.


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