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change- a timely discussion

For the discussions i first talked with Alejandro about identity and his idea was that identity is our view of ourselves based upon experience and that our identities influences what we like/dislike leading to again the idiom i keep using about time passing quicker when you’re having fun.

Dominic’s idea was on parental influence and how this seems to be the main factor that shapes us as children over everything else as when we are most easily molded, we look up to our parents and may even pick up on certain ticks such as crossing arms or legs in a certain way while sitting or doing certain thing exactly like them as we view it as the right way to do it. now, this relates as it influences our perception of self and again identity leading to our outlooks on things, once again changing our perceived speed of time progression based upon our likes and dislikes.

William and Matthew’s topic was on the subjectivity of life. in a nutshell, they expressed that everything is subjective as ‘objectivity’ is the culmination of millennia of ideals – society is based upon ancient subjectivity. Take art for example; how do we determine what art is ‘good’ and what isn’t? it’s based upon our own subjective views of what we like to see. Therefore, nothing is truly neutral, and thereby everything affects your view of time.


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