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change in the world moves time forward

for my metaphysics topic i chose to look at the progression of time. Looking into the Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy i found this quote;

“if there could be a period of time without change, then it follows that time could exist without any events to fill it; but if, on the other hand, there could not be a period of time without change, then it must be that time exists only if there are some events to fill it.”

through this i figured that if there is time without change, then it moves as we think it does in a linear fashion forever. But if there has to be change for time progression, events are what moves time forward and even if time stopped, we wouldn’t be able to tell as our own personal view of time is based upon perception and the lack of change would lead to time stoppage for us as we would not perceive any differences thereby leading our brains to think that nothing was moving, giving us the sense of time being stopped. this also seems to further into the fact that time idioms are true. These being such as time flies when you’re having fun as if our perception of time is truly based upon change, then doing something not fun to us would potentially lead to less observation and thereby less change, slowing time down for us.


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