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Inner Knowledge In Action

For this Phil’s day off, i went more basic ideas than towards philosophical experiments. I tried to learn how to juggle and see how i did or didn’t manage to unlock my inner knowledge (based upon my theory of all knowledge being innate). Now as i started, i was absolutely horrid but from my many failed attempts i managed to get to the point of being able to juggle 3 balls at a time for about a minute before giving up on the process completely as i am much more result focused than a person who may enjoy the exercise of learning new things. Now, this experiment did and didn’t backup my theory as while you could say that as i was going along, my inner knowledge is being unlocked by this experience; it can also be pointed out that in this case the only way i am gaining knowledge is through experience. Unfortunately, i think this would be the problem for any experiment i may devise as my theory still has use for the mechanics of other theories such as learning from experience and learning through understanding.


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