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Knowledge Through Mario

Over the epistemology unit, I’ve formulated the metaphor that knowledge is like the video game Mario. You start at a base point, then have to dodge potential logic pitfalls and other blockades including opposing ideas that are actively trying to kill yours (goombas, koopas, etc.). at some point you will be able to reach the end This conclusion will also let you move on to a tougher, more challenging idea in which your hypothesis will once again be tested. At some point you will reach a ‘boss level’ in which you must face an extremely tough opponent to be able to finish off your hypothesis and move onto the next one which has it’s own unique set of challenges. Similar to the Mario games again, the secret exits in levels represent an epiphany which renders the rest of the hurdles to reach the conclusion unimportant as this single realization has transcended all the other pitfalls in that particular logical fight. At some point you may unlock all the inner knowledge you can possibly handle and defeat the final boss to unlock all understanding. It is possible, but there is a large chance you may die first.


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