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The Aesthetics of Studying

As i’m doing this assignment very very late, my weekend consisted of studying for exams which, i think we can all agree, is not very aesthetically pleasing. What i found interesting however, is that much with art you may not understand, as time progresses, you may find the piece more pleasing which somehow was the case with studying. As i wasted the hours away looking at various formulas for chemistry, i found that the diagrams and many arrows of the biology diagrams and notes were suddenly much more appealing that they had been the day before.This leads me to believe that not only is your view of aesthetics different from mine, it may be different from your own depending on what else you’re doing or even what time you view the thing in which you are trying to define. In conclusion, i believe that aesthetics is obviously subjective but to even more of a degree than we know, with environmental factors actually changing your viewpoint from one time to another.


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