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Final Presentation What is Philosophy? – Scott.K

Final Presrntation What is Philosophy? June version.

When I did my first presentation on what is philosophy a few months ago I said philosophy was like trees. Reasons were because our philosophy branches out as we grow like trees do and since people develop different philosophy depending on their culture or their environment as different kind of trees grow only at a certain climate.

Metaphysics was an interesting unit although I had tough time trying to research database and Google to find an answer that can never be found. My metaphysics question was Are we born with purpose? which is a rather vague question that involves many different topics like destiny, presence of God, and others that are actually impossible for any person to answer. Through this unit I had a lot of challenges like utilizing the database and preparing for the presentation. However at the same time, I think this was the unit that helped me shape and think about my life.

Epistemology was the unit that I was really confused about. The whole belief, true belief, justified true belief thing made me completely lose it. But it was also a unit that I had the most intersting and engaged discussions about. Some of the major discussions were with Dom, Lake, Sam, Alejandro and Brian. For most of the topics we discussed about, we generally agreed to each other’s opinion but there were some that we had completely opposite thoughts which I thought was really intersting. For the epistemology active learning, I wanted to do something clever which did not go as well as I planned. Overall I think this was the hardest unit.

Aesthetics was the most enjoyable unit as it was about art and beauty. Even the active learning was to go out and experience something beautiful. It was a short unit compared to metaphysics and epistemology but I certainly had one of the best experience during the Phil’s day off thanks to active learning project.

What is philosophy to me now?

My view on philosophy is not so much different from months ago, but now I think philosophy is like a forest which includes hundreds and thousands of trees. I think philosophy is like millions of different trees gathered together with other trees to form a one big green forest. There may be trees that has red leaves, brown leaves or no leaves at all but when all gathered together, it still forms green forest ad majority of the trees are green just as each person has different philosophy but still agrees to general moral or philosophical codes


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