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Late Aesthetics Active Learning Post – Scott.K


Aesthetics in philosophy is a reflection of art and beauty. The goal of the aesthetics active learning was to experience something beautiful and why it felt beautiful. Over the weekend, I could have done many other things that may have felt beautiful, but I chose to do something more intense than taking a weekend nap or watching the Matrix trilogy. After almost an hour of driving, I arrived at Abbotsford skydiving ready to feel the gravity from 12000 feet above. The experience was absolutely beautiful. 50 seconds of free fall and five minutes of controlling parachute was thrilling and The interesting part of skydiving is that not every people see it as an enjoyable leisure activity. To me it was an amazing experience, but to some others like my mom who fears height it would be a terrifying moment. Along with the thrill I felt that the saying “beauty is in the eye on a beholder” is true.


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