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Late Metaphysics Posts – Scott.K


Initial question: Is there a purpose to life?

Reading Post

Four Pillars of Destiny by Shin

This is the reading that I found on the database although I found very little help from it. To briefly explain the reading, it is about the ancient Asian philosophy that still partially passes on to this day. According to the article, many old Chinese, Korean, Japanese belived that people were born with purpose or destined for certain purpose. However, this purpose is not given by god but is chosen by the date (year, month, day, and time).

Discussions Post

Liam: Liam and I talked about time and how the same amount of time can feel different depending on a situation we are in. For example, first block pre calculous class feels like forever while 4 hours at Safeco field goes by so fast.

Jess: Jess’s question was Are humans really free? Her point was that humans may not be completely free although we have our free will because there are numerous things that we cannot control for example death. Her topic relates to my topic in a way because my question also involves free will of people. If men are born with purpose, destined to fulfill a certain purpose, maybe we do not have free will but only act and think as we are planned to.

David: David was the one who had the closes metaphysicst question to mine. His was purpose of life? which sounds pretty much the same my own. However, as David was a Christian, he applied a lot of religious beliefs he had to his question. As a church going person he seemed believe that humans have purpose given by god from birth. Me on the other hand do not agree because I think there is no such thing as purpose of life or even if there were, it is given by ourselves not god or any other superior being.

Active Learning Post

During the phil’s day off I watched the Matrix trilogy. Matirx is considered one of the best movies made in the late 20th century not only because of its fancy action scenes or camera effects but because it has number of interesting philosophical/biblical references which make the viewers think twice as they watch the movie. As I watched them there were number of things that I thought was interesting or that related to my metaphysics questions. One of the things that really had me was the setting of the film. To briefly introduce, machines “harvest” humans after conquering the mankind in the near future. Humans are no longer top of the food chain but only used as batteries for the machines. This whole theme matches with my metaphysics question since humans are literally born with purpose of being utilized as batteries. This obviously is a fictional and extreme example, however it made me think how the upper being, whether it’d be god, aliens, or creatures of higher dimensions, could be “harvesting” or “farming” humans on Earth just to fulfill their needs. Another factor of the movie that interested me was the character agent Smith. Agent Smith is a computer program created by the machines to eliminate malfunctioning programs or viruses(actual people loging in from real world) within the Matrix. The reason why this agent interested me was because he keeps on mentioning purpose from the start of the movie till the very end of the last series of the trilogy. In fact, the word ‘purpose’ is one the most said word by agent Smith. In the movie, this computer program villain seeks purpose of his existance, but the agent destroys himself in the end as he kill Neo since his purpose was to eliminate Neo and were no longer had any purpose to exist after accomplishing it. This made me think that maybe people die when they have fulfilled their purpose possibly given by a superior being.


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