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defining what we know(Jason Forster)

I’m blind, like: Ray Charles, Homer, and countless others, but not in my eye’s. I’m blind and philosophy, can give me insight on reality. Reality, it’s a goal,something that is hard to define and something we all know. How can you know and not define? It’s like seeing stars and knowing that they’re there, but not knowing the reason why, or defining. Something weird happened with stars though, we learned to define. And in the same aspect I believe that with an ironic “discipline”* in this course, my goals can be accomplished. But what is philosophy? I think it’s best to start out with what it’s not. That list includes hunting, cooking and a variety of other irrelevant things, all but one, science. Science is not philosophy, the key reasoning behind this that i feel that many would agree that science is about knowing about what we define, and philosophy about defining what we know. How does one do that, define what we know. Knowing what we define is pure testable knowledge that is self rejuvenating. Defining  what we know is really based on our surroundings, live in a cardboard box for your entire life you will only know six sides of light brown. What if the theoretical ” box guy ” interacted with someone who only knows life in a pyramid, but you get where this is going, right. Philosophy is defining what we know, interacting with our peers is how we get more accurate information and that’s what i hope to achieve in philosophy 12.


*Philosophy is usually seen as a practice with no boundaries, and disincline is ironic because it’s the exact opposite



Below courtesy of Wikipedia- painting of Democritus, all of his works were lost but accounts of him.

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