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Document of Learning #1- Sam Jones

During my first week of philosophy, I’ve acquired new attributes about myself, as well as branches of this course. Though my innate ideas have been slightly blurry since starting, I seem to be heading in the right direction. I was very interested in noetic and spiritual topics long before beginning this course, which has seemingly made everything slightly more interesting, as well as easier to listen to. While reading the let’s talk essay, I was trying to rationalize Wittgenstein isolating himself in order to write his Tractatus Logico- Philosophicus. ‘While there, he did little more than think, walk, whistle, and suffer from depression’. This line from the text really made me question the validity of his words. Not because people with depression don’t have an equal value of word, but because he doesn’t seem to be proactively handling his life. I am questioning his discerning in the process of writing this book because it doesn’t seem like enough of a reason to lock yourself away from humanity and suffer just to get the words on the paper. I completely agree with the line, ‘ Philosophy is an inherently social activity that thrives on the collision of viewpoints and rarely emerges from unchallenged interior monologue’; I believe the abstract idea is to question the actuality of Wittgenstein’s words and counteract them with our own, to some what rationalize his actions.

My definition of wisdom is having experience in a subject of matter where a person’s knowledge may be more valued and or respected due to their prior experience. Memories may be repressed into subconscious to be unknowingly used when the subject comes up. Having wisdom is just a prolonged nature of having knowledge. Many of the topics we’ve discussed in class are themes of which knowledge, wisdom, inquiry and self-awareness are seemingly related to each other. When you think of wisdom, knowledge will always be contingent to it.

My personal aspirations for this course are to help me question what I know, or better yet what I think I know. I want to learn more about the epistemology aspect of philosophy, mainly because I find it the most interesting. My personal goals reflect some of the discussion made during class time, in reference to establishing foundations of personal philosophy, and developing self-awareness about personal perspectives and reflecting on how it influences my day-to-day life.img_2565


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