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Jordan’s vicious cycle of participating in class and writing better blog posts because of it.

I was 100 percent not prepared for the first two weeks of philosophy, having taken a few courses with Mr Jackson before I knew what to expect, and the course met all those expectations, but through a combination of confusingly theoretical subject matter and complete exhaustion, at any point in the first two weeks I was the literal embodiment of this video.

Accurate representation of me in the first week. Image from wifflegif.com

But now I’m more used to the course and I’ve developed goals! (I probably should have had goals for the course before the course started but whatever, they’re here now) And so these goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Participate in discussions!
    • This includes actually asking questions when I’m confused and not just willing other people to ask the exact questions I have.
  • Understand what it means when someone says “epistemology” or “metaphysics” or any of the other subjects we’re supposed to be covering in this semester.
  • Be able to articulate my ideas & opinions in blog posts such as these.
    • Yes we all more or less agree with Talk With Me in that speech carries more meaning & emotion than textual communication but if I’m not speaking up in class discussions and I’m not getting my point across in blog posts then who’s being the annoying grade 11 in a grade 12 course?

Wow! What a great list of goals! Do I have any idea how I’m going to complete these goals? No!

Well that isn’t exactly true, I know that the “participate in discussions” goal is just a matter of biting the bullet and raising my hand. And I guess if I’m actually raising my hand and asking questions I’ll start to understand the subjects better. And like if I understand the subject matter then I suppose blog posts will become easier to write. And if I’m writing better blog posts I’ll probably have more stuff to talk about in class discussions. Refer to this blogs’ title for my thoughts on that.

So, to revise my earlier statement, I know how to accomplish these goals I’m just kinda reluctant to take the first step.

But let’s take it back now y’all, more on the first week or so and what I actually was able to focus on.

Our first discussion about love, and wisdom, and the love of wisdom I was able to come up with a fair amount of ideas, which was nice, but they basically boiled down to “Love” being when you care so much about a thing that you want to know everything about it and can’t stop thinking about it, “Wisdom” being when you have the ability to see the connections between facts and knowledge, and “Loving wisdom” being when you basically can’t stop thinking about how everything fits together & makes up this weird world. And I think that’s pretty cool, especially when you apply it to old men being driven to creating apparitions of “Lady Philosophy” just so they can theorize with their own best critic.

So yeah. Here’s to a semester of actual participation!


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