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David G’s daily dose of Philosophy 12

Walking into this class blindly has been a very interesting experience for me. Philosophy was not my first choice for a grade 12 course; in fact, it wasn’t a choice at all! (I mean for real, I literally don’t know why its on my timetable). However, once I got over my melodramatic performance on the first day of school I was happy to learn that the class would be pretty interesting. Although seeing this class on my timetable was confusing, I have to admit, I didn’t think it would be that difficult. I was wrong. Nothing could prepare me for what I walked into on the first day. However, after 2 weeks of a daily dose from the drug that we call Philosophy 12 I have finally adapted to the of philosophical debates that had my head spinning of the first day of class. To be perfectly honest I was confused because I didn’t know much about the course, and what I did know didn’t seem teachable. However, as with all courses, I have still managed to compiled a small list of goals (really just 2) for the semester!

1) Learn to understand what we talk about in class! Strategies I have made reaching this goal include but are not limited to;

A) Using the classic “hand raising” technique to ask a question!
B) Participating more in class discussions! After all the best way to learn something is always to try it out first hand.
C) Learn to communicate my Ideas betters, as well as understand the perspective of others!

2) Figure out my own philosophies as well as gain an understanding other ones!One of the things I’m excited for going to this class is learning about new philosophies and morals that people live by and I want to find out where mine stand in the world.

I know what you’re thinking “Wow David! You have such great goals, I never would have come of with anything so thoughtful and clever!”

Well for one, thank you! Its really just a matter of sitting down and trying to find what matters to you! But in all seriousness, although I have my goals planned out and some ways to achieve them taking that first step is really difficult

As with most classes we’ve covered many topics in this class, spanning from the “Love of Wisdom” debate to “The Value of Criticism”. Some of these topics have sparked some interested in my eyes, and although we have many more to cover, as of now one of my favorite topics we have discussed so far are the four philosophies: Perennialism, Essentialism, progressivism, and reconstructionism. I’ve learned many things during this class, but the debates on our values and the opportunity to see what other people think of our school system have been my favorite. I love hearing other peoples perspective on this topic, and I was genuinely surprised that some were so different from one another. Overall, I have really enjoyed the topics we have cover in this class, and I really look forward to what else we have to learn.

So there you have it folks! And cheers to another two weeks of little understanding and arguing with others!


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