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Document Of Learning #1 – Ami Ishii

Document of Learning #1

Ami Ishii

Philosophy 12

During my first week of philosophy, I’ve been able to learn and explore more into the meanings of the words love and wisdom. While having class discussions, I’m more of a listener, rather than a talker. Although, to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions on all topics that we discuss, I am continuously inspired. With no right or wrong answer, it has made it easier for the class to open up and express their beliefs in their own way. My personal goals for the class, is to open up my mind and to have a greater view of the topics we talk about. Involvement in class is something that I struggle with personally, but I’d like to have a strong and powerful mindset of my opinions so I could state my thoughts confidently. Having abstract thoughts and constantly thinking outside of the box, is just one step closer to being wise. I think philosophy is going to leave everyone with a different mindset in the end, having so many questions and constantly wanting to talk more about a certain topic.

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After reading the Let’s Talk essay it had made me think about what the aspects of the use of words. “Philosophy is an inherently social activity that thrives on the collision of viewpoints and rarely emerges from the unchallenged interior monologue” was a powerful statement in the piece. Thoughts are a proposition with a sense. Your thoughts are completely made up from influences around you. With the views of the people around you, the environment you grew up in, and the opinions around the people who surround you, that makes up for you opinions and beliefs.

When you think of wisdom, you would think of old people. I think the reasoning behind that is the fact that the older you are, the more experience you’ve had with life. Seniors have good judgement, and have high quality experience and perspective. Having a deep understanding of the meaning of life and knowledge is the key to being wise. Although elders aren’t the only ones who are wise. Having intelligence, great insights and an open mind towards anything and everything are all attributes of a wise person.

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Philosophy is all about opinions. There are no correct or incorrect answers, it’s simply about communication, understanding, and questioning. I hope that throughout this course, I will be able to get more involved into the conversations and comprehend the ethics of philosophy. 

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