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DOL #1: ~philosophy and me~

We’re only a few weeks into Philosophy 12, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s already been pretty eye opening. Everything from the intensity of our class discussions, to Willie’s nihilistic rants have left me with unanswered questions and a curious mind. Although it’s somewhat of a punch in the face to come back from such a lazy summer to a rich and stimulating classroom, I find myself looking forward to Philosophy class everyday.


I came into this class with limited knowledge on philosophy; outside of fake deep youtube videos on nihilism and eavesdropping on my dad’s philosophical rants, I know precisely nothing. My goals for this course are to explore and make personal connections to the branches of philosophy we explore, as well as eventually develop my own  ~life philosophy~. Ideally, I will end up with a rough set of morals I hold up for myself and actively follow, and overall a refined outlook on life. This goal is undeniably a difficult one, but this class is an excellent opportunity to get started. Another goal of mine is to work on composing myself better during class discussions, which will help with my overall participation. Also I have no idea what epistemology is, so it’d be cool to figure that out as well.


During class, I’ve been trying to apply my goals to the assignments and class discussions we’ve tackled so far. The wisdom and love discussion was particularly captivating for me. When we were told to dissect and define “the love of wisdom,” I started with a list of words I felt accompanied love and wisdom.  For love, compromise, compassion, and dedication, came to mind. As for wisdom, a few words were all-knowing, humble, and inquisitive.


To me, loving wisdom means actively seeking out experiences that exercise, expand and mold your perspective; loving wisdom is devoting your time to actively seeking answers and starting conversations to feed your curious mind. And sometimes in the process, you have to compromise what you believe in to gain from the conversation/situation you’re in. Based off of that definition, I would consider myself a lover of wisdom. I chase opportunities to learn and grow no matter where I end up, and the Philosophy classroom will not be an exception.


All in all, I’m excited for an engaged and stimulating semester in Philosophy 12. I’m looking forward to the learning and challenges this class will introduce, and hopefully I’ll come out with a brand new outlook on some things.

(Here is a video shining a light on one of the most influential modern philosophers, Kanye.)



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