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Kennedy’s Philosophy Intro


Going into this course, I didn’t know what to expect. Mainly because I didn’t fully know what Philosophy really was. And I still don’t. As I sit in class during our discussions I often find myself very confused and unsure of how we went from one idea to another. But I’ve began to realize that’s how Philosophy works. You start with an idea or question, and through hours, days, maybe even years of brainstorming and discussion, you still don’t find an answer. It sounds kind of ridiculous to think of it like that. But that’s the beauty of Philosophy. Even if you may think you’ve found for example, “the meaning of life”, there’s always going to be someone there to question your conclusion.

What I want out of this course is to learn how to expand my thoughts and ask more questions while still being able to stick to one concept. When I brainstorm, I usually find myself wandering off into a completely different idea then what I began with. And though it’s important to ask questions, its even more important to stay focused on the idea you’re asking the questions about.

So far, a few topics we’ve discussed in class have been School, Wisdom, and Love. At first when you hear those words you most likely will think you know what they mean. Which is exactly what I thought at first too. But it isn’t until you ask questions such as “What is the purpose of school/education?” or “How does love relate to wisdom?”, that you’ re able to expand your thoughts in ways you may never have before.

Philosophy is so different from any other course I’ve taken. Throughout elementary school all the way through highschool, we’re taught that where there is a question, there’s an answer. And a lot of the time that is true. But Philosophy is a course that makes us forget that concept and realize that there is no “answer”. We can continue to discover more and more about the same idea by continuing to elaborate. Philosophy isn’t looking at your level of intelligence. Its simply about personal growth and discovery.

I feel that through Philosophy we aren’t just discovering ideas, we are also discovering more about ourselves.

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The point of philosophy is not to become a walking Wikipedia or ambulant dats bank. -Nigel Warburton



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