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These past two weeks of philosophy have been an exciting as well as mildly intimidating experience for me. Walking into class on the first day was a complete 360 turn from all the other courses I am taking this semester. Asking the student their opinion on love and wisdom, and allowing those ideas to be treated as legitimate, important, and a driving force for the conversation in class, is a completely new way of teaching that I have not seen taken to this extent in my school career. I will admit that this new idea of having the freedom and respect to create our own learning was a gratifying thought. Through all of school I have been told that my opinions matter and creativity should be nourished, this class is providing an open space for those opinions and creativity. Now that I have finally been given a space to open up my mind and let my ideas free, I’m not sure how to.

Your philosophical ideas photo from hsday.blogspot.com

Your philosophical ideas
photo from hsday.blogspot.com

VS the the philosophical ideas she tells you not to worry about

VS the the philosophical ideas she tells you not to worry about photo from www.mlahanas.de












I know Philosophy 12 is an open place for ideas to be discussed without judgement, but I still have a feeling of hesitation. Over the course of this semester I hope to break this wall down. I am currently at a strange phase where I know I have to make a change, and now I have to create a motion to obtain results. Fortunately for me, the place that is creating a problem also provides a solution. Being in social and lively situations, where philosophical ideas are welcomed, has already allowed me to come to better terms with my ideas without feeling the need to censor or hold myself back. As discussed in our “talk to Me” essay:

“Enthusiasm expressed through voice can be contagious and inspirational.”

This is a topic I have found myself strongly agreeing with. Our class discussed how philosophy is a vocal event, and I have come to the belief that this is true.

Previous to this year I had never thought of philosophy as anything other than a personal, internal, and almost spiritual idea. Whenever I thought of philosophy I would think of wise old men such as Ludwig Wittgenstein, who would hide away in their reservations of deep thought. This may be why I originally why I had doubt in my own ideas, I was simply scared my thoughts did not have time to brew, and that would make them less valuable. Even through this first week I have seen that my ideas are able to thrive and develop through the aid of others. I am truly grateful that I have been given this opportunity to become candid with myself and the others around, and let us use one another’s ideas to evolve our own thoughts to create a larger picture.

Seeing where we have started, I can feel this will be an interesting semester. I am willing and excited to open up to this new way of learning, even if it does take a bit of time.

“In philosophy if you aren’t moving at a snail’s pace you aren’t moving at all”

-Iris Murdoch

I'm moving at a confused snail's pace, but that is better than nothing. photo from lunapic.com

I’m moving at a confused snail’s pace, but that is better than nothing. photo from lunapic.com


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