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philosophy from a different perspective.

Life takes you to many new places, especially the places where you never expected to end up at. Before taking this course I really didn’t know much about philosophy and never did I ever imagine that I would end up taking this course. Before grade twelve my main focus was always on science and math but then as time passed I came into a realization that it wasn’t my thing and I just had to find something really different this year. The main reason why I ended up taking philosophy was because it was one of my admission requirements to post secondary and also I was very curious to know more about philosophy in general. From the very first day in this class, I promised myself that I wouldn’t settle down for just an average grade. I know it’s going to be rough, I’m going to have days where I’m at the edge of giving up on everything and I’m going to have so much pressure. But then I’ve decided that I wouldn’t give up on something I really want and also I have trained myself to view life in an optimistic way to see the opportunities in every difficult situations to accomplish my goals    .

Philosophy can be confusing at times but then you just have to train your mind into deep understanding and thinking of things you believe and you don’t. I pretty much think this class is going to be like a meditation for my mind as  this class is entertaining and cool. And also It’s going to make me built up my communication skills, and as well as my confidence. Throughout our philosophy lectures I came across things which I was never aware of and also the things I strongly agree and disagree. Philosophy makes you to think deep in every aspects of life, teaches you to approach problems from various perspective and finding countless of solutions to every problems you face in life.

“Nanny’s philosophy of life was to do what seemed like a good idea at time, and do it as hard as possible. It had never let her down.” ― Terry Pratchett, Maskerade


This quotes makes a lot more sense now that I ended up being in this class. whatever you feel is right at that moment, is when you know its a real choice even though if it ends up taking you to somewhere else where you are  less likely to end up at. Throughout our classes, I learned how to think more than usual on simple things like love and wisdom. Before our discussion about these topics I really had a simple learning and observation about these topics. It was actually really interesting that everyone had come up with different views on this topic. inspite of being so simple. everyone had so much to share.



I really hope that this class helps me to become a better citizen of the world and help me take better decisions in life. HURRAYYY PHILOSOPHY 12!!!


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