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Philosophy’s Up’s and Down’s

Philosophy 12 is a course that I was a bit unsure about because walking into it, I didn’t have a very good background knowledge on what it is and what we will be learning.. Now that I am more aware of what we are learning I want to understand more but at the same time some subjects are extremely frustrating to discuss because I know that I will probably never be able to know the exact answer I am looking for. 

The learning style that Mr. Jackson uses really draws me in, even though this is very new, different and difficult at times, it makes me more intrigued and makes me want to invest more into talking about philosophy and trying to find out more about it. When I came into class the very first day I thought there was going to be a lot of independent work, little did I know, philosophy is the complete opposite. I think that is what I love so much about philosophy, that it is such an inclusive and social subject and it is dependent on minds collaborating and discussing sensitive and unknown topics.

I think the thing that really made me get a better understanding of philosophy in general is when I read Nigel Warburton’s “Talk With Me” essay.

“The point of philosophy is not to have a range of facts at your disposal, though that might be useful, nor to become a walking Wikipedia or ambulant data bank: rather, it is to develop the skills and sensitivity to be able to argue about some of the most significant questions we can ask ourselves, questions about reality and appearance, life and death, god and society. As Plato’s Socrates tells us, ‘These are not trivial questions we are discussing here, we are discussing how to live.”

This paragraph in general gave me a much better understanding of what we will be discussing, however with some topics I am unsure how to discuss them because there isn’t necessarily a correct answer. For example I really found it difficult to discuss the topic of wisdom and how to love wisdom. I could barely put my words together when i attempted to talk about what wisdom is and how we have it/ get it. By the time we got to the point of discussing how to love wisdom I was completely lost and tried my best to put some words together but honestly I didn’t even understand what I was trying to think of.

There were a few things in the “Talk With Me” essay that had my mind fuzzy at times and questioned what the author was trying to say. When Warburton quoted Jon stuart Mill saying “both teachers and learners go to sleep at their post, as soon as there is no enemy at the field” I still have no idea what this means.. Not sure if this is my blonde brain or not but somebody please try to help me understand if they know what he means by this.

Overall Philosophy has been so interesting and intriguing and I am so excited to discuss more topics to come.


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