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???question marks on everything???

So far when someone asks me “how is philosophy?” Ill give them a straight blank look and say ” i don’t know”. Which is trupooe, 100% of the time, which is all the time, I’m lost in that class. I have no idea what is going on because its a little hard for me to understand things well as my brain takes a longer time to process. Even trying to type this out is hard for me because… i just don’t know.

After spending a week in class, I realized that philosophy is a very social thing. The article that Mr. Jackson handed to us about the philosophers, was very interesting because it told a story on how the philosophers loved to be in an isolated area to let their thoughts flow but in truth, philosophy is a lot about interaction. I had no clue what you would even talk about in this class in the beginning but now I’m aware. Having he whole entire stage to yourself and sharing your thoughts and opinions with the audiences, is very intimidating… I have a lot of weird questions and thoughts that i want to share but fear the embarrassment and the outcome of how people would react. Its a normal thing to feel i would like to think, so that is definitely an area i need to work in. Going back to what i was saying on how i have no idea what is going on in that class, is another area for me to work on which is asking questions when I’m unsure or lost or else i would just be going about everything aimlessly throughout the course.

Philosophy is a very interesting course as theres never really a “right” answer. You can debate with each other, get your opinions out but when it krabsall comes down to it, theres no “right’ answer. You talk about life, you talk about things that everyone questions like “Does God really exist?” or “If there was a God, how was he created? Was there a world before ours and thats how he existed?” All sorts of things. There is a bunch of unknowns out there that no one can put their fingers on, not even scientist. So this is a cool class where there are absolutely no limits as to what you want to say. It also stretches your brain out making it think more then it usually does. You get to hear what everyone has to say and what their thoughts are on about things and get a different perspective which is enjoyable. Im excited to see what i have learned by the end of the semester.



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