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Rosa’s somewhat understanding of Philosophy (in words)

What does philosophy mean? I don’t f**king know, as of the moment, but with the little I do know philosophy is talking about the inevitable and unanswerable questions. It’s asking questions like “What does life really mean?” or “ Do we really have a choice.” But now that I am actually taking the course, sitting in class, I find myself knowing more each day, like how there is more to philosophy. That questions and such are just a small part of it, where philosophy is the ocean and there are so much for us to explore and learn. I don’t know much about it now, but I hope that would change.

“Courage is knowing what not to fear” – Plato

We were assigned an essay type of reading in the first week, where we had to highlight interesting or agreeable parts in it. The essay “Talk with Me” made me realize something, that if I wanted to exceed in the class it was to share my opinions and thoughts. Nigel Warburton wrote how the greatest philosophers isolated themselves to gather great ideas, but they were rather “misleading”. And this is where I find interesting, because that many of them were later found talking to other philosophers, or their imaginations. It’s interesting because it leans a little towards the psychological side of philosophy, yes philosophy and psychology is a “sibling subject,” according to Jbernal philosophers wonder how ones mind is or why they think that, and it’s because theirs psychology there to make us think that. Bring back to the essay knowing that even the great, needed someone to bounce their ideas off and challenge them is rather a big part of life, and to becoming better. Another thing that he wrote which I complete agree on is that when talking, its important to make sure we change the way we get information across to different audience. I relate to this in class since I find myself sitting there getting the first half, or parts of what they’re saying because the way they present themselves isn’t suited for me. But even though I don’t understand everything, the little I do understand is what keeps me from not dropping the class.

“It began with a sense of mystery, wonder, and confusion, and the powerful desire…” – Nigel Warburton

In conclusion I do find myself seating in class in confusion more than any other classes, like math, and even with this essay “blog” I’m still not sure if I’m doing this right but that’s the beauty of philosophy there isn’t a right or wrong. At the end of the semester it would be nice to know that I’ve changed, and like I said to not be scared to share my opinions or get intimidated by others judgements or their own opinions.

Here’s to a good semester.

wis philosophy?

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