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Squishy hugz and existential hellfire ?

So, I’m Willie/Will, and this is a blog post. My first blog post here. With a given topic of my feelings towards philosophy and our class, and the “love of knowledge.”

The “love of knowledge” sounds nice. The pursuit of factual, accurate, potentially applicable information to feed into our cognitive fat-lobes and better ourselves. It seems to work, anyway. Math and science appear to have done many things, while the field of philosophy provided the base for the prior two and has continued into the abstract…..  or something

But maybe it’s futile, so to speak. Or not that the pursuit of knowledge is actually futile, but rather that it exists in such a state that the easiest adequate descriptor of it is “futility.” We, trapped in the realm of our own limited experience of the world, probably shouldn’t seek to “make sense” of things quite the way we seem to want to.

Oh well. At least it works somewhat. At least it provides a partially self-consistent model of “reality” that can be applied to accomplish specific tasks (at least through the lens of the model itself).

Anyway, nothing makes sense. Everything’s BS. I’m just here to enjoy the cuddly comfy couches and watch.


(also this is totally not meeting any of the criteria so I guess in the future I’ll just pretend that some things aren’t bs and write from there. eventual goal would be to unify the two viewpoints, possibly by deconstructing the sane mindset from inside it…..)


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