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The guy who doesn’t talk in class expresses his thoughts

Hello, I am a Byron. There are many others similar to me, using a similar name but in a way, we are all different.
I am supposed to talk, unfortunately, about personal aspirations in this class. So now I shall list these aspirations in an orderly fashion. Firstly, I plan on getting a grade to resemble how the school system shall unfairly judge me; a mediocre grade. Secondly, since I am taking philosophy I might as well say I will be expanding my mind when in reality I am slowly degrading it through partying, sleeping in class and mindlessly bashing my skull against a wall when I am forced to complete essays such as this one. I should have said that was my last point, but I have a lack of brain cells right now so let us just continue onto my thoughts about wisdom.
As you probably could have deducted by now, I have a lack of wisdom, although my mother calls it “laziness.” However, I do believe that gaining wisdom requires you to have a decent amount of active brain cells as well as a decent amount of life experience. See (if you can), life is unique in every fashion. So our amount of wisdom is obviously different, but the way we get it and how we get it is in the utmost importance to determine how great our wisdom actually is. For the unneeded example that we are always supposed to put; living a mundane or lackadaisical life will yield less wisdom compared to someone who has been travelling to different countries. Finally we can continue on to the most interesting part of this horrifyingly boring and unoriginal essay.
I will admit that I am not much of an eclectic type of person because when I search who made the universe in google and it tells me The Flying Spaghetti Monster made the universe, I find no reason to not believe it. When I search more interesting things that won’t have so much of a religious attachment to it however, I tend to look for the absolute answer. So let’s start with an out-of-order-type fashion this time to, as one might or probably will not say, spice it up. Lastly, what is the fate of the thing that we call the universe. Will it be ripped apart due to the expansion, or will we have the horrifying death of slowly being compressed just like a compactor. Only time will tell.. Well, if we invent a time machine then we could find out, but highly unlikely because the class average in Physics is like a C. So their goes our only way to find out how our universe will die, thanks a lot Glen eagle. Going off of time machines because I couldn’t think of anything else, what could happen if we travel back in time. So unless you are in preschool or have never discovered the internet yet, which is shocking because how are you reading this then, you’ve probably heard of the butterfly affect. The real question arises then, are you okay? Since the internet is a big thing right now. Sorry, getting off topic. The real question arises, would we ever be able to travel back into the past? Or is it forever gone, as each second passes, it only lies within our memory now. One second, two second, three seconds, four second, five secon, six sec, seven, eig, n.


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