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It’s Dark in Here

We sit on our knees in the world, never sore and yet in constant agony. But to us, this is what life is. One of us was released, and he has since left. The screen in front of us is everything. I know the people around me only in periphery and by voice. The person who was released was overwhelmed at first to even stand up, and more so to turn around. He reluctantly was led away, and things went on as normal. He came back after a while, and even though he usually did very well in the shadow competitions and ate well, when he came back he said he could not see the shadows. We laughed at him, mocking him for ever leaving our world. The screen is everything, and he gave it up in favour of whatever lays behind us.

But when we were laughing at him he said something I cannot seem to shake. “This is not all there is.” After that, he left. I seem to be the only one affected by what he said

The seed of doubt has been planted in my mind and I can’t help but think that there’s something beyond the screen, that it isn’t everything. I heard one of the shadows say enlightened, and I think that maybe that’s what my former colleague is. Maybe he’s right. But for now, I am still stuck to the floor, with my head locked forward. I have nothing but time to think.


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