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Plato’s cave – Camille Camara

Everyone has their own cave where everything is clear and easy, everyone has something to learn and should get out of the cave to see the reality or at least see things from another perspective. I had my own cave where I was very comfortable with, I didn’t know about the real world. I moved to Canada one year ago I left my cave (Brazil) to see a reality that I didn’t know before. Everything that I thought that was real were just the shadows of a new world. By leaving the cave I didn’t have the choice to go back, I had to start everything over again. Meeting new people that have a different culture, making friends where everyone already have their own groups, learning a language that I am not fluent I was literally learning how to live again. My life was changed, I what for me was something concrete became shadows in my life. My house, friends, school, routine, were they real? Because since I left I don’t feel I belong there anymore. My concept of reality is different. I had to become someone different. I just realized what independence was when I arrived here, I realized how important my parents were by staying away from them. I learned what friendship was when I left my friends. Living my country changed a lot of things, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, after one year I learned how to live the reality and I learned that the cave is not the best place to be, it might be safer but seeing things how they truly are  makes you someone better. 

I would say that everyone should get out of the cave at least for once. Even if you don’t like it at least you tried, you can always come to the cave anyway. Changing your concept of what is real and what is not can be hard but you learn to adapt and create your own reality. By my own experience of getting out of the cave and seeing the reality of how feelings and life works made me grow up as a person and now I have two options of reality in my life. I can decide which truth I want to believe and follow. I am capable of learning different concepts of the world and how my life works, my cave was my reality until I see that there’s more outside the shadows. So maybe the shadows are the reality, who knows? The fact that we believe in something does not make it real, there are things that we will never be able to explain, but having changed your cave makes your world a place with more opportunities and challenges making life more interesting. 


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