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(Don’t) Say No To This

Sometime during my second semester of grade 11, it was brought to my attention by Mr. Jackson among several others that I had been living under a rock, or as Plato would put it, in a cave. A dark, joyless, Hamilton-less cave. It had somehow come up in a conversation between my friend Brianna, Mr. Jackson and I that I had never listened to the Hamilton soundtrack. Mr. Jackson, surprised by this, immediately told me that I needed to. He, like every other Hamilton fan I had come across, raved about how good it was but despite the effort he and they had made to push me out of my cave, I refused to budge. I joked that if it was really as good as everybody said it was, it might take over my life which was something I didn’t have time for (which was sort of true). Mostly I just didn’t feel like like listening to it. It’s not that I didn’t believe that it was as good as I had been told it was, I just never found myself in the mood to listen to Hamilton. I suppose I just wasn’t ready to leave the cave I had been living in and enter the wonderful world of Hamilton.

Months later, while our class was discussing Plato’s Cave and the idea of enlightenment, Hamilton came up again. Of course I still hadn’t listened to it, it fact, I had almost forgotten about it entirely. At first I maintained my half serious excuse of a busy schedule standing in the way of me being able to allow Hamilton to take over my life. However, in being introduced to this assignment, I saw the perfect opportunity to push myself out of the cave. I would finally listen to Hamilton in the interest of personal enlightenment.
So I’ve done it. I’ve listened to Hamilton and as expected, it’s amazing. It feels good to exist in the world outside of the cave and even if it does completely take over my life, I’d say it was worth it.


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  1. Claire says:

    Jasmin, are you satisfied? Do you no longer feel helpless when it comes to Alexander Hamilton?


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