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Spoiler Alert: Parents Lie

To some extent, we’re all in the cave. Some long for enlightenment, while other are comfortable with uncertainty. Do we have any say in which path others take? Sometimes we do. Parents do.

At least my parents did.

I was practically shoved out of my cave when I had found out that parents have been lying to me for years. I was too young and too innocent for the truth that was about to punch me in the face.

SANTA ISN’T REAL AND NEITHER IS THE TOOTH FAIRY. This epiphany brought tears to my eyes and I can vividly remember bawling into my pillow while my over dramatic third grade self yelled, “why would you lie to me!”

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I was hit with this blast of reality on the same day I had lost a baby tooth, which brought up the topic in the first place. After requesting what I had thought was a large amount (20$) from the Tooth Fairy (my parents), I got over it. So there isn’t a chubby man in a red suit giving to the behaved children of the world. And there’s no lady who flies around collecting the teeth of children in exchange for cash.

Looking back, it seems so foolish that I, and many other children alike, believed such a preposterous thing. I can even recall a time at recess when I tried to convince my classmate that the tooth fairy isn’t real, and like myself when I first heard the truth, she did not believe me. That’s when I realized that I didn’t want to burden her with the truth. So I just said “never mind” and walked away.

What if my parents hadn’t told me? What if I had become a full grown adult that still believed in Santa? I would like to assume that I would have figured it out eventually. So like a baby tooth, I had been pulled out; yet maybe if my parents had waited a little longer, I would’ve just fallen out when I was ready. Just like Plato’s Cave.


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