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Comments on the cave(Jason Forster)

The cave is our mother; we’ve lived inside of her and found the truth that that lay’s beyond her, we’ve never lost our respect for her and she kept us under a blanket until our size was bigger than of the blanket could manage. Let me share with you my cave story.

I was wearing wet shoes, broken glasses and the wrong size pants when I met John (I can’t recall his last name so we will just go by John). And there was John always with a stern flow of advice that flowed like the Amazon River: long, sweet, life giving and well appreciated. But getting back there was something else about John; he was manic depressive, the whole gamete. Happy one minuet and sad the next. But there was always something about him that gave him a Tower of Pisa lean to the good that I am going to try my best explain without diminutions.

Anyways with my wet shoes he took me for a drive and I was ten years old so I didn’t say much. Also I only knew John because he was one of my dad’s employees and I had only seen him even at this point in my life maybe 10-12 times, but they were always remembered. Getting back on point,  I noticed something weird, John was as silent as I was. Then I started to get paranoid of all the horrors that might happen to me. But then I settled down as we were rolling up on a hospital. Not for young nor for old, and a place that was seldom told. It was an adult care facility for the mentally and physically disabled. It’s strange how we group the two together.

As we were walking in a wave of anxiety flushed away from me. And at the point I couldn’t explain why. John still as silent as a dove takes me over two his friend mark and mark says,” Hi-lo jasinn, mi naam iss markk, ande how do yu doo.” After our little conversation still with John in dove-mode, both John and I left.

The thoughts deviously floating around my head is that I just wasted 30-mineuts until three weeks later when John was being the good semertan he Was and stopping a bar fight that lead to someone putting a bullet in Johns head.

After John left our pleasant little world, I went to go see his friend Mark.” Hye jasinn, due yu haav a stori fore mi taday.” And I would tell him one. At first it was monthly, and then it was weekly. But by the end of that year it was daily. After this my shoes lost their moisture and I realized that that day that John took me in to see his friend Mark, in the dead of winter, he was not using words because they are too complex for explaining. No John took me to see His friend Mark and now mine too show me even though Mark is: illiterate and can’t write to well, can barely speak, is wheel chair bound and is forced to live in a hospital where he’s just “,one of the stupid ones,” according to our society, he still finds time for an ever in demand pursuit of Joy.

On a birds-eye view Mark is a simple man, with a simple, wheel chair bound life but it’s those simple things he is happy about. He doesn’t get upset of envy; he enjoys other people’s fortune. After the death of my dear friend John I found the joy in the simple things in life and I still see mark every day because when John introduced me to what society is calls a simple dim-wit that can’t live in freedom or happiness,  has taught me more about living than anyone else I have ever met. I may sound crazy but I wish we all had a little in common with good old improper speaking Mark, then John would have probably lived and our shoes would be as dryer than any desert till the end of our days.

Look at the sun in the day’s sky. What do you notice about it? It can’t get any brighter. It is at its absolute best, no growth. Now look at a cave, dark with emotion striking fear just getting ready to slash its subjects with un-enlightenment. But think about where you can go from there; you have the key to your shackles; you have the strength to get up and light that candle to show that there’s more to the cave. The cave is an awful place but it’s a start, all starts suck and gives you a chance to add the light to the darkness.



Image below courtesy of shutterschock.com- The cave is an unlit candle, as soon as you realize theirs more than the cave, you have sparked your first match

Image result for candle in a dark room


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