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Constructing Thoughts

What are we all here for? Do we all have a purpose on this earth? An obvious answer to that question would probably be to say that we grow up, learn, get a job, have an experience, but we all die in the end. We are all given one chance, one experience, and ONE life. Now, how we decide to take on our path is entirely our choice. Everybody is given the same road, everybody is seeing the same road. People experience bumps and obstacles, some bigger than others. People could just walk across the road, some may rush and run, or some may be cautious of the steps that they’re taking. That road that you’re on is your entire life. Some people are trying to rush and get to the good part. (What’s the good part?)

For instance, kids are so eager to grow up. Adulthood seems like a dream, you get to do whatever you want, be on your own and be independent. We all grow up eventually, only to find that we just want to turn back the clock to go back to our childhood. Children have no worries, we believe anything that’s thrown to us, like Santa, and our imagination is out of this world. We’ve had imaginary friends, we pretend our stuffed animals are alive, and EVERYBODY is friends with each other. As you grow older, we are opened up to this world called “reality.”

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What even is reality? Is something real just because someone told us that it is? What’s the truth and how do we know the truth? Society shapes your mind like no other. Well actually, parents are also a big contributer. The influences, role models, and celebrities. Popular and unpopular opinions. Manners that our parents have taught us. They all contribute to our way of thinking. When we are taught that something is “wrong” by our parents, that will be engraved into your mind until the day you die. But hey, who told us that parents are always right anyway? Aren’t they learning just like us? Do they have their whole life figured out? Plato refers that there is an outside and inside of a cave. Society is just reflection. It reflects the most popular thoughts and shares it with a filter. Some may fall for that reflection and think that that’s the reality. Others look at what’s causing the reflection and realize the truth behind what’s being shadowed. I think we’ve all had times where we have seen situations or stories that are completely blown out of proportion, and again, some people realize it, some people don’t. Being the paranoid person that I am, I am worried of situations happening that could basically be impossible.

My mind is that shadow in Plato’s cave, it’s abstract, unreal, and imagination. Stepping outside of the box and thinking from a different perspective, I get a new outlook that tells me that what I am worried about is completely impossible. But sometimes, it’s difficult for me to think that way. I get so caught up with the shadows. The possibility, the what ifs, that I can’t think straight. In the cave, I’m inside watching the shadows, seeing the world in my mind. But sometimes I’m outside of the cave, seeing the real world. Everything’s about perspective and how you choose to perceive, don’t be fooled by everyone else’s outlook. You are your own person with your own thoughts. We are all human with different thoughts and different looks, god didn’t create us to look, act, and think the same way.

“Childhood is over when you realize that your parents are not always right. Adulthood starts when you realize neither are you.”  -Unknown


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  1. Sam says:

    This was really well put, I agreed with the point that a lot of us thrive to grow up faster and once we start seeing it happen, instantly regretting it. I loved the personal inquiry and personal thoughts you added to this.


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