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Isabella’s Cash Flo Money Dilemma

I believe that everyone has their own version of Plato’s Cave. What I took away from Plato’s cave was everyone feels as though they have been kept in the shadows until this big epiphany moment when everything starts to make sense. The ultimate story of enlightenment. I can’t say I have much of an equivalent, but I do believe getting my first job shared various aspects of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

It was a thing that had been much anticipated of me by my parents, siblings and an extent of myself. The day when I would step out of the cave and enter the world of a minimum wage job with horrendous and demanding bosses. So the “real world” of pain, despair and genuine hard work. Well let me tell you did the sun outside my friendly childhood shadow burned harshly bright. My first thought was “…and I had to be interviewed because multiple people wanted this job?!” It was an immediate shock that I had despised within the first few days.

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Me after orientation

The initial shock of being liable to someone other then a family member or myself had shook me. Me, having responsibilities? What!? I could barely make toast without burning it, yet here I was getting paid to work in a bakery department of a grocery store. Nonetheless, I had been dragged out of my own cave full of naiveness and bliss, and now how to take in the outside world full of work and obligations. The work seemed to increase in difficulty even though it was very repetitive. There was always an unwritten rule of keep impressing or else. Though the tasks were not particularly easy, I found a way to get used to it with the help of the highly awaited bi-weekly pay cheque. That seemed motivation enough; I was finally making my own money. However, that wasn’t it in terms of Isabella vs. the adult world. My parents had taken it upon themselves to help me learn to budget. Monthly phone bills, savings funds, clothing, extracurriculars, personal and miscellaneous bills started to roll in and that lovely five-hundred dollars a month started to disappear rapidly. By the end of most months, I had about fifty dollars that I could do whatever I pleased with. You really learn to appreciate a dollar once you get your first job. Instead of looking at reasonably priced things and thinking, “wow, that’s a good price” all I could think was “you mean to tell me that winter jacket will cost me four hours of work?” I started realizing how clueless I had been as a child, quite literally thinking money grew on trees. That first job had broadened my perspective on various topics.

One of the most influential things this job had done to me was open my mind to the power of education. My parents have and always will push me to keep learning and get multiple degrees but I hadn’t ever considered what would happen if I hadn’t. For one, I would not be qualified to do much more then an entry level job, being paid minimum wage. Even working full time (40 hours/week) it would be very hard to get ahead in life. That opened up a whole new version of a cave and the broader outside world that lies post high school. I feel like Plato’s Allegory of the cave hold some truth in terms of enlightenment and such, however I feel put into a modern day perspective, there are always new things to learn and take away from the world. The best we as people can do is pass on our experiences in hopes to lessen the number of caves the next person has to go through.




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