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Jamie’s Plato’s Cave: Post Secondary Sky

PC: Jackson Parsons Surfing occured!

PC: Jackson Parsons
Surfing occured!

I spent this last weekend surfing in Tofino with my boys. Amidst turbulent waves and cold, cold wetsuits, we spent a great deal of time chatting around a roaring fire. The topics ranged from love and identity to (as these things often go), women and adventures. As we were speaking, one thread came up that, for me, sparked how I was going to address this post:

Tofino gave us a new path. In the library of life choices that is available to each of us, a new book was just written and added to the shelf. It’s titled The Surfer, and it describes a man who lives on Vancouver Island, doing artistic endeavors to keep himself financially stable while catching gnarly waves in his copious spare time. The Surfer could be me, in five or ten years. Although the chance is slim that I will fully commit to that path, it became an option, because of my experience this weekend.

There are so many more paths than I could’ve possibly imagined. As long as I’ve been the youngest sibling (read: my entire life, for obvious reasons), of three over-achievers, I’ve been thinking inside a square. The biggest questions have generally been “what universities do I want to apply for?” and “what career will I enjoy doing for a significant portion of my live?” Yet, these days, I am slowly beginning to contemplate choices that are a little larger. These days, the questions are shifting to “how am I going to be happy?” or “if money is freedom, how can I make money so that I am free of financial incentive and can pursue paths for better reasons?” or “can I just live in Tofino and surf every weekend?” It is a paradigm shift that I’m grateful for, and is giving my mind fuel to explore those bigger questions.

PC: Devon Columbus Contemplating life underneath tall trees.

PC: Devon Columbus
Contemplating life underneath tall trees.

Plato’s Cave is an allegory that shows how people can be happy in ignorance, yet will experience greater heights of bliss and fulfillment as they are enlightened of the world. My cave has been the future, and how I can grasp it. I’m only beginning to realize all of the stars, the sun, the sky, the cosmos are all outside of what I always thought I had to do.


4 Responses to Jamie’s Plato’s Cave: Post Secondary Sky

  1. Lyle H says:

    Contextually relevant and really introspective. You seem to effortlessly tie in your life experiences to philosophy, which I think conveys an understanding of the subject and of yourself. I also like the butterfly effect theory around your life and think it’s a good way to visualize the directions your life could go.

  2. EmmaJ says:

    Do you think that there may be infinite paths out of the cave just like there are infinite paths to happiness and success?

    • jamiefajber says:

      Thanks Emmaaaa for the comment 😀

      I definitely think there are infinite paths out of the Cave! Anything that causes a moment or period of introspection, a traumatic event or a fun weekend away, a TED talk or a mentor.
      It just requires one to make a mental leap where they consider something new.

  3. yuryv says:

    Great read, especially the intro which gives the reader plenty of detail into your thoughts and experiences.

    p.s Keep the “how can I make money so that I am free of financial incentive and can pursue paths for better reasons” question in the back of your mind and you will find your way!


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